With so many needs competing for your attention these days, we have taken the time to simplify the financial advice process.

We present options clearly, allowing you to make informed, appropriate decisions about your financial future.

best interests

We are not owned by a bank or institution. The advice we provide will always be in your best interests.

We want to assist you on your journey to financial freedom and a comfortable, reliable lifestyle.

Our goal is to help you realise yours.


We provide real choice by giving you access to a wider range of products and financial solutions than most other options in the market.

Real choice means you get the most appropriate financial solutions, tailored to your life, and able to change as you do.

Your journey begins like most heroic tales.

With a call to adventure you set out on the path, facing many obstacles and through sacrifice overcome the odds and emerge triumphant.

This is your call to action - with our expert guidance it's possible to chart your path, navigate the challenges and ultimately achieve personal fulfilment.

Our Passion. Your Future.
What drives us is our belief in providing value based advice.

It is this passion which created Global Capital Wealth Management, with which we share our distilled experience.

In volatile times, in an ever shifting financial landscape, we provide our clients with clarity and assurance.

Through education and explanation we offer simplicity which lifts the fog of complexity, enabling you to clearly identify your options and make informed decisions, leading to fulfilment for you and your loved ones in a secure lifestyle of your choosing.
Jim Fairhall-Dickie
Providing a superior service to my clients is my main focus while having their best interest at heart and making sure they are achieving their goals.

This, combined with professionalism and over 13 years’ experience in the Financial Advice industry, makes me the perfect choice when it comes to getting tailored financial advice.

Passion, energy and enthusiasm for the industry coupled with working with you to help you on an ongoing basis, is my priority. You are my focus, and the knowledge I have gained across planning and financial markets through my career will be an invaluable resource for you as I operate with your own individual needs and requirements at the centre.

I believe in open and honest communication with you and will always be direct in good, bad and indifferent market conditions.

A Masters in Financial Planning has allowed me to hone the required technical competencies across all financial planning strategies. With a passion for getting it right and an ability to ascertain each client’s individual needs, I have the necessary skills to ensure clients have every opportunity to achieve their financial goals.

Financial Services Guide - Jim and Chad

Financial Services Guide - Crown Wealth Group
Chad Brookes
In an environment where information is readily available and yet forever changing, our aim is to provide a simple solution in a what can be sometimes a complex world. Coordinating these moving parts and staying up to date is fulltime job, this is a responsibility we are here to manage in the background whilst you are successful in your own careers and spending time with your family.

Ultimately your life and the world around you changes so it’s important to change with it. How we help you is to map out what lies ahead, understand what you feel comfortable with and then find you the right strategies, solutions and other professionals that will help you achieve your personal milestones and future aspirations.

Having viewed investment strategies from the lens of an investment bank, a retail bank and an IFA (independent financial advisory firm) has helped shape and create an well rounded investment solutions to work across different markets, different cycles and for different clients. Each can provide different benefits but yet can form a piece in the evolving puzzle.

Whether that is to educate, facilitate or manage one’s wealth, our service is built around what you want.

Financial Services Guide - Jim and Chad

Financial Services Guide - Crown Wealth Group

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